Cassie Soliday is a cartoonist, writer, and producer.  She is the host and creator of the Ink and Paint Girls podcast, co-producer of the Jammiest Bits of Jam storytelling podcast- both which advocate for women in the arts.  She’s part of The Animation Network as editor of their bi-weekly newsletter providing real honest direction for animation hopefuls. She's also a producer for the Story Collider podcast where we share true personal stories about science.  Cassie has worked in artistic and production capacities with companies such as Disney TV Animation, Nickelodeon, Wild Canary, Disneyland, ABC Kid TV and more.  

Cassie keeps a diary comic at, lives in California with her husband making cartoons, and hopes one day to run away with the cat circus.  Find her at @cassiesoli or email her at hello (at) cassiesoliday (dot) com.